Analytical Measurements

Many technological developments have been made for living organisms to live more easily and comfortably. As everyone knows, in these technological developments, while the processes are carried out and improved, examining the effect on human health has been one of the main parameters. Similar investigations are carried out on a very large scale, from personal care to health products, from foodstuffs to hygiene products.

The effects of industrial products or applications on human health can be examined in various dimensions according to the use of products or applications. These investigations can start from the direct effects on humans and extend to environmental effects, which have an undeniable impact on health. Dangerous or toxic effects are evaluated by monitoring the substances causing these effects during these evaluations.. It is necessary to determine the amounts of these substances in products or applications where they are offered to human use and to evaluate whether they comply with the threshold values ​​that are critical for human health. In addition, these substances and their effects can be observed in the relevant biological fluid or tissue, such as the human body, blood, depending on the type of examination, as well as in environmental samples that will have a direct or indirect impact on health.

It is necessary to check not only the dangerous substances and their effects, but also whether the content complies with the specified content information in all products offered for direct use. For this purpose, the quantities of the substance or substances specifically mentioned in the content information are determined, especially in market surveillance audits, and comparisons are made. All measurements in which the amounts of such substances are determined and body levels are monitored in human or living use are called Analytical Measurements. A wide range of analytical measurements is provided at YUFP-DCOMED. In addition to the basic chemical analyzes available in the laboratory, analytical measurements are carried out with applications such as chromatographic and electrochemical analyzes, and information is given to the institutions or organizations to which the application is made.