Infusion Equipment for Medical Use

Infusion is explained as the intravenous administration of a chemical produced for pharmaceutical purposes (drug, serum, etc.) to the body within a certain time after dissolving it in a solvent such as oil, alcohol, water. Medical infusion, on the other hand, is the process of transferring large amounts of fluids such as saline to various areas of the body (into the body cavity, under the skin, between tissues, into the vein) without pressure, only with gravity.

Medicines, serums, etc., are given to the human body through infusion equipment for medical use. Pharmaceutical products may dissolve some components from the material they pass through during this transmission. The dissolution of these substances can be a health threat. Because every material has a toxic effect on a living organism. In order for an infusion equipment to be put on the market for widespread use, extractable substances must not pose a threat to human health.

To control this, extraction is done with a solution that mimics the circulatory system in the human body in infusion equipment for medical use. In this extract, tests such as UV absorption, acidity-basicity, loss in drying etc. are carried out as specified in the standard. If the results obtained meet the criteria, eligibility for use is granted. YUFP-DCOMED provides services on Infusion Equipment Tests for Medical Use.